Meeting Your Deadlines: Understanding Turnaround Times


We often run into situations where a client will drop off shirts or inform us of their intent to place an order, but then they don’t quite take the steps to actually initiate their order from a “Quote” to a “New Order”.  As their own deadline approaches, they often start to panic, and sometimes go so far as to point the finger at us for not delivering on time.  Of course we have made mistakes in the past, but many of these issues are the direct result of a misunderstanding of when, exactly, a client’s order has begun.

IR Tees is committed to providing the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time, and we do our best to work with our clients when deadlines are a factor.  However, it is important to understand what our policy is regarding new orders, to avoid any potential confusion or complication in the future.  Essentially, our turnaround time policy for most orders is as follows:

  • TURNAROUND TIME AND RUSH ORDERS: Standard turnaround on most custom t-shirt orders is 5-7 business days (M-F). This time does not begin until you have submitted both final artwork approval, and at least a 50% order deposit. Although we reserve the right to officially take up to 5-7 business days to complete any standard order, keep in mind that many orders will ship sooner than this. However, if you need a guaranteed ship date depending on number of shirts a rush charge will apply.  Same day 50%, next day 30%, three days 20%.  (Minimum rush charge is $35).  Rush orders are not a big deal with our equipment, but it often requires us to schedule additional print shifts, take unplanned trips to our suppliers to pick up blank garments, and much more; as much as we would love to provide free rush service to all of our clients, we simply would not be able to support this, financially. It is the client’s responsibility to coordinate their ordering process with their respective due dates.  If you require “Next Day” rush service, this is available for an increased rate of 30% depending on quantity of shirts.
    As an example if you place your order at 3:30pm on Monday afternoon, then we have Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday for production.


That means you would receive your order sometime before the close of business on the following Wednesday.  Of course, your order is only “officially” started after we have received ALL pertinent order details, a 50% deposit and final artwork approval; if we are waiting on any of these things, then your order is still considered a “Quote” and will reflect “Waiting for Deposit” in your account.
Also, please keep in mind that any changes to the order details after an order has been started could potentially delay the order from being completed on time; check and double check all order details, prior to placing the order!  Our turnaround time is intended to give us plenty of wiggle room to complete your order (and everyone else’s) with the best possible quality outcome – we sometimes need every production day we have, in order to ensure that everyone’s orders are treated with the utmost care and respect; of course this means that our expected turnaround times DO NOT include shipping or transit times.  Always factor in the amount of time it will take to have your order shipped to your location (if applicable); if expedited shipping is required, it can be provided at your own expense – we cannot offer expedited shipping for the same cost of normal shipping, and we cannot rush your order out the door in order to avoid expedited shipping (unless you pay for the rush production service, which is almost always available).
If you have any questions about our expected turnaround times, or if you need your order to be expedited for faster processing, please contact one of our agents today!
We look forward to earning your business.

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