Full Color DTG Printing Prices

Use the following guidelines to help determine your pricing on standard order types. Although these prices will reflect accurately most of the time, they are meant as a guideline; we reserve the right to change pricing or policy at any time, with or without prior notice. You will be informed of any price changes before you place your order. We offer options for different print locations, sizes, etc, as well as a variety of garment options and fulfillment services; it is the client’s job to tailor their order, ambitions and expectations to match their budget. Be aware that these prices are non-negotiable. If you feel you will need to receive our lowest price tier pricing on all orders, regardless of quantity, please ask us about our “Power Seller Program”.

Light Garment Printing - (no white ink or under base – price includes print only, up to 10.5” x 12”; upgrade prices listed below)

Dark Garment Printing - (with white ink under base – price includes print only, up to 10.5” x 12”; upgrade prices listed below)



Artwork must be received in “print ready” digital format, and will be printed as received. For best results, please submit artwork files in high-quality PNG, TIF or PSD files, sized to print and with a native resolution of 200 dpi. For dark garment printing, your artwork MUST come with a transparent background. If you need any assistance with this, our dedicated artists will be happy to help. For more information on artwork, see “Additional Services” below. Prices listed above do not include the blank garments. For information on pricing blank garments, check out our blank products page.


Additional Printing ServicesDescriptionCost
“Upsize” Print LocationsThese prices are for up sizing single print locations, only – multiple print locations would require individual upsize options, or else they will be printed to standard size. Due to the high cost of digital garment ink, as well as the relatively slow production rates, we are not able to print up sized images without charging an additional fee. We do not make any more profit on up sized print locations.Light Garment: Up to 12 x 12 - Standard
Light Garment: Up to 14 x 16 – add $1.00
Light Garment: Up to 15 x 20 – add $2.50

Dark Garment: Up to 12 x 12 - Standard
Dark Garment: Up to 14 x 16 – add $2.00
Dark Garment: Up to 15 x 20 – add $3.50
“Specialty” Print LocationsIncludes over the collar, over the shoulder, over zippers, sides of hoodies, or anywhere that requires printing over a seam.Add $2.50 per print location
Resize artwork for different size garmentsIf half of your order is youth sizes, and the other half is adult, consider resizing the artwork to fit both runs! Or, get even more specific, and create different sized artwork for XL+ sizes, as well!$15 per size change
Custom Artwork / Art Touch-UpsOur artists can help take your customer’s napkin drawing and turn it into beautiful, full color artwork. We can also scan paper drawings, touch them up and prepare them for print. Whatever your needs, save time by talking to one of our artists, today.$60 per hour
Light Garment PretreatWant your light garments to POP a little more? Try our light garment pretreat option.Add $1.00 per print location